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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Word About Comments

I wanted to say a word about your comments on my posts. I welcome your comments and suggestions, and after I read them, they are always posted...good or bad. However, this evening I was sent a comment on my blog that I am unable to post because I can not read is apparently in Japanese. I'm not saying that to be funny ya' was in Japanese!

Now I'm a reasonably intelligent lady (married Numbers Man didn't I?), and I can fumble my way through most of the Latin-based languages like Spanish, French and Italian. Heck, I can even speak a little of each (especially the bad words) but Asian languages are out of my league! I tried using Altavista's Bablefish translator, and it was not much help, although I gather that Cathi is trying to tell me about a mistake in my post.

So gentle readers, as much as I hate to be so picky, please have mercy on Mimi and send me your comments in English so I can read and post them. Thanks everyone! And, Cathi? I'm still interested in what you have to say...would you translate and send again? Thanks!


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